Monday, September 24, 2012

Turning the Office into a Master Bathroom

           Let me introduce you to our nook.
This 7x7 foot opening is in our bedroom across from our bed. The space was built to be the master bathroom, but the first owners of our home elected not to put it in.

           When my husband and I purchased the house we had it in the back of our minds that we would eventually make it into the bathroom it was destined to be.

           For our first two years in the house we had a love seat there and used it as a reading nook. And when I say "reading nook", I mean a place to put baskets of unfolded laundry that I never got around to putting away      ;-)

         When my oldest daughter turned one, I started working from home, so we turned the nook into my office.

         But now, it's about to be  Jared's "porcelain office"....... haha

         Master bathroom time!!!

         Our permit applications are being reviewed and we are praying it goes smoothly. Boy, it's a lot of information to have to go hunting for! PS - Jared may or may not have used my sewing ruler to draw the sketch for the township.

We don't have a ton of money to work with (who does?) so I want to utilize stock items in creative ways to get a unique look that's affordable.

       I made a mood board to give you an idea of the design/feel I'd like the bathroom to have.

Master Bathroom

1.   I want the bathroom to have a watery/ glistening feel. This picture is an inspiration for the light sea glass wall color and accents.
Possible wall color:

I may ask the paint mixer to cut this color in half with white to lighten it even more.

2. Floor tile
3. I want to incorporate some woven texture into the room, perhaps in the form of the waste basket and bathmat. Possibly even storage baskets.
4. Wall hooks for towels
5. I  LOVE this clear glass penny tile.  Oh, how I love this tile. I was holding it in Lowe's and just starring at it like a love-struck teenager. I'd like to use it in thin strips (maybe 4 rows) as a back splash accent and maybe even to add some sparkle around the shower unit.
As excited as I am, I know from experience that living through a renovation isn't too pretty. For example, this is what the other side of my bedroom currently looks like.......


(BTW - We haven't touched anything in our bedroom since moving in. That's the original paint color and original carpet.  Down the road I'd love to repaint, put in neutral carpet, and about a ton of other little tweaks. All in good time, right?)

The chaos hurts my eyes.
But it's all for the greater good. If ever I get frustrated with the mess/ work zone, I'm just going to hold and stare at the clear glass penny tile. I may or may not whisper sweet nothings to it.
Stayed tuned and I'll be sure to share all the craziness of every step of the way from office nook to master bathroom.
Thanks for stopping by!


The Students Wife said...

I hope to see pictures when it is finished :)

I"m your newest follower from the Monday Mingle

Beth Winschuh said...
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Beth Winschuh said...

Have fun :)

StagecraftPPBHS said...
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Ian Kearns said...

Angela, Irish Spring was a popular color when I was still hanging around in the paint business. I do recommend asking for 50% of the formula. You can always add it back if you want more color. My bathroom sink is very similar in style to the one you posted. It is a wonderful vanity. Best of luck. Home projects are always exciting.

CoffeeandCream said...

Thanks Ian, that's great to hear :-)

Cherie said...

I cant wait to see the pictures. :)

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