Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make your own Pure Vanilla Extract

     I love putting vanilla in baked goods. It gives such a warm, homemade, makes you feel all cozy on the inside taste. My mom brought me back this amazing vanilla from Texas that is "double strength". I LOVE it.......It's also $17.00 for a small bottle ....... sad face.

     There has to be a better way to infuse my baking with vanilla-y goodness.

     After some research I found out how easy it is to make your own vanilla. Crazy 2 ingredients easy.

  1. Vodka or Brandy (1.75 Liter)
  2. Vanilla Beans     (about 50)
     That's it!

     It seems people are split between using vodka or brandy. Some like the vodka because it gives a milder vanilla taste.(Plus you get to watch the vodka slowly get darker as it takes on the flavor of the beans, which seems pretty fun to a nerd like me.)  Others like to use brandy because it makes the taste sweeter and stronger.

     Sweeter and stronger........... just call me Team Brandy.

     I was able to find the same "Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans" used in the vanilla extract from Texas on Amazon. While I was there I also ordered 4oz dark bottles to use to package the vanilla for Christmas presents (sorry to ruin the surprise, family).

     This is how easy it is:

                 Clean out an empty juice container.
     Slice the vanilla beans down the center leaving the ends in tact. This makes it easter to put in the containter.
Put all the sliced beans in your containter.
Pour the brandy (or vodka) into the containter making sure to entirely cover the beans.
To make sure everything is fully sealed, I added some plastic wrap before screwing on the top
   Give the bottle a good shake. Then place it in a cool, dry place (I have it in the back of my pantry) and wait for 3 months.
 Yep....3 months. Just in time for holiday baking. Or you can pour into little containers and give them out for gifts (like me!). I love homemade gifts :-)
I've read it's a good idea to give the bottle a shake about once a week.
Can you believe how easy that was? Plus it's a great way to save some money without sacrificing quality.
I'll be sure to keep you posted in 3 months to see how it turned out. Right now it is making my pantry smell heavenly.
Thanks for stopping by.
~ Angela


Bindu Saju said...

coming from Bloggy girls club to give some comment love.
It is a cool idea.
I saw some one using the orange peel the same way to make orange essential oil.
Thanks for sharing.

Patricia Purcell said...

I've been meaning to try this myself for a long time. I've read where you can keep using the vanilla beans to make more extract.

CoffeeandCream said...

I read that also. After I pour the vanilla into the 4 oz bottles, I'm going to add more brandy to the beans, wait another 3 months, and see if it is as good/strong as the first batch. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on what happens :-)

Lastralor said...

My mom does this all the time and gives it as gifts! (side note) she uses potato vodka so it is gluten free too!

Earning-My-Cape said...

I really want to try this sometime! I LOVE real vanilla!
Thanks for sharing with my href=" ">Super Link Party! :-)

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