Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Make It Work

Oh how I love to quote the fabulous Tim Gun.

I've been eying up my utensil crock for at least a year now. You see, ever since we painted our kitchen cabinets white last year, I've been slowly trying to make my old accessories work in the space. Sometimes that meant yard saleing the old and getting something different. However, when I can, I like to re-imagine a piece and still use it.

The problem was that it was just too bright and to, well, yellow. It was the first thing my eye was drawn to when I stepped into the kitchen. It didn't fit.

So out came my good, old friend, spray paint.

I gave it 2 thin coats of primer and about 3 thin coats of "Heirloom White" paint.

I let it dry overnight in the garage, while I not so patiently waited.

So much better!

Now it feels like it belongs, yet still has a bit of an eclectic touch since it doesn't exactly match the white on the cabinets.

And yes, those are dog bones  :-)

Now comes the age old question.......... what ELSE in my house can I spray paint?........

Have a great day!



The Students Wife said...

Turned out great! I love when you said what else can I paint! That is exactly how I am.. I paint one thing and can't wait to start on another project


Rose Hascall said...

Very clever. Looks great.

MariaSelf said...

Amazing - such a tiny thing as the color of the utensils crock makes such a huge difference!

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