Thursday, January 10, 2013

Master Bedroom Reveal

So throughout this whole time of creating a master bathroom in our weird bedroom nook , we also have been sprucing up the actual bedroom. I wish I had more before pictures, but this started about last June BTB (before the blog).

This is our room about June-ish. We had gotten our bedroom set from a huge furniture clearance. The set included a headboard, 2 night tables, and huge dresser with mirror (not pictured because we are donating to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore) only cost us $600! I wasn't crazy about the color of the wood (honey oak and I have our issues)  but I knew down the road I would give them a makeover.

When we bought the house the walls and ceiling in our room had been painted a blue. It was fine, just not for us. Especially not a ceiling painted anything other than white. I know many designers are all about painting ceilings radical colors, but that is one train that I don't think I could ever hop aboard. I like ceilings white, to me they look crisp, clean, and open.

Oh yeah, and the carpet was blue too. Well at least it MUST have been blue when they installed it in 1996. Now it was a combination of brown/grey/blue and was worn so bad it felt like we were walking right on the wood sub floor.

Also, let me remind you that I work from home and since my "office" (the nook in the bedroom) is now a bathroom (the reveal on that soon!) I had my desk shoved in the main part of the room. Experts always say to NOT work out of your bedroom because it hinders your rest since you are always face to face with a mountain of paperwork. I'm here to tell you all that they are 100% correct.

When we moved in we jumped into projects all over the house, and our bedroom has been last on the list.

So since June I've been painting the furniture a warm creamy white (Snowbound by Sherwin Williams), getting new window treatments, painting the ceiling white, painting the walls Grey Ghost (Olympic), freshening up the white trim, getting new lamps, and accessories.
We moved my desk into our finished basement. It's working very nicely there.

To top it off we got new light tan carpet installed on Tuesday. 


So here is our new, updated Master Bedroom.

  Can you believe I got that canvas wall art for only $22.00 at HomeGoods? I LOVE that store.

I wouldn't say the room is done, per say ....... but only because I never feel like a room is done. It's just always evolving and I can't help myself from making little tweaks here and there.

Hope you are having a great day!!



Kristen said...

Love the new room it's looks very nice and clean!


Kim said...

Came across your blog from Pinterest - looks great! I am a novice cook/baker/diy-er and you've just given me some great inspiration! Thanks and keep the posts coming!

Sara - My Merry Messy Life said...

Very nice, Angela! I love how you painted all the furniture. I'm sure you must be loving your new carpet!

Breezy Brie said...

O my goodness! I love the white furniture. It looks so much better than the oak :) I'm a new follower - found you on pinterest from the bridesmaid dress baby quilt!!

Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

Rose Hascall said...

Wonderful makeover. Love the color. Looks very relaxing. Can't wait to see the after pictures of the bathroom. Job well done.

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