Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You never know what's under your carpet


      When Jared ripped up the carpet in the bedroom nook to prepare to frame the walls for our new master bathroom, he expected to find dust and dirt. However, he found something much, much more helpful.

    You see after he was working for awhile I came upstairs in the bedroom and found him like this...

     Me:  "What are you looking at?"

     Jared:  "Oh, just the holes where they had the plumbing run for the bathroom."

     Me:    "What does that mean?"

     Jared:  "It means that the builders were basically half way done with this bathroom, and then they   ripped it down."

    Yep, there were holes in the floor for the plumbing (that they later covered up, but are easy to access). There were also marks on the floor depicting the layout of the shower, vanity, and toilet. Jared even found remnants of the framing.


   So I guess we'll never know what happened. Maybe the house was being built for a buyer who later backed out, and then the new buyer didn't want to pay the upgrade for the bathroom? What a shame. But that's ok because it gives us a fun project, right?

In the picture above, the shower is in the back left corner. The vanity will be in the back right corner and the toilet will be on top of the hole in the bottom left facing the window.

   Me: "So what does this mean for us?"

  Jared: "Well, would you be upset if we followed the layout the way it's already marked?"  (We had it laid out a tad differently.)

   Me: " No, that's fine."

   Jared: "Good because this just saved me a ton of work."

   Me:  "Aren't you happy you have such an accommodating wife?"

   Jared: " mhhmm"

  I took that as a "yes"

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