Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look At Those Studs

Ever since our building permit came a few days ago, Jared has been hard at work getting our soon to be master bathroom ready for our first inspection. Since the permit took about a month to obtain (2 weeks more than we thought) we were itching to get this bathroom a movin'.

Just to remind everyone, when Jared pulled up the carpet a few weeks ago, he found the holes where plumbing once was. Yep, the builders had already started to put a bathroom in, and then stopped for some reason. So we ended up changing our layout a bit to follow what was already laid out, just to save a bunch of plumbing time.

Now on to the the dirty part.

Jared removed most of the drywall.

Then started framing the shower wall and room wall.


He then framed the door and put in a header.

It's really starting to look like a bathroom!!

A word about my Jared.....

My hunky husband wasn't always a carpenter. Jared went to college for accounting. After two years working as an accountant, he discovered that it was not for him. He didn't like sitting at a desk all day, and shortly after we got engaged, made the decision to start a new career. My father and brother own a family construction business (it's filled with my uncles and cousins) and offered Jared a chance to come and work for them.

Jared made the risky move (took a pay cut!) and joined the business. He got zero "special treatment" and started out as a laborer. That means he basically ran for materials, cleaned up sawdust, and did all the crappy jobs no one else wanted to do. He never complained.  Over the years he was placed with the company's carpenters ( all of whom are so talented and truly amazing) and little by little learned the trade. He's a perfectionist and would studiously watch them work and ask questions to better his skill and understanding.

That was almost 6 years ago.

He is now a carpenter who gets sent to his own jobs. He not only knows carpentry, but is also great with electrical, plumbing, and masonry.  He amazes me. I am beyond proud of him... like tears in my eyes, proud. He has spent countless hours improving not only our house, but also helps his family when they need repairs or work done. The best part is, he LOVES what he does. How many people can honestly say that?!  He LOVES being a carpenter. I am so, very thankful for that.

The fact that I am able to have a carpenter at my disposal is just icing on the cake for this DIY loving wife   :-)

                                            Thanks for stopping by!


Jordan Sky said...

You lot are doing the nursery by yourselves that is ah-mazing. I can't wait to see the finished product I've seen a few glances here and there.

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